David DuValleWelcome to DDBowhunting.com. On this website, you will find information on hunting using compound bows and crossbows. I also dabble in archery basics related to bow hunting, tuning and accessories, arrow choice and hunting equipment. My name is David DuValle (that’s where the DD comes from!) and hunting is my passion.

With bow hunting, you get to spend more time in the woods because it is the longest of the hunting seasons. This not only increases your chances of getting a higher count, but it also allows you to experience the woods in Autumn when the leaves are turning and the weather is still reasonably warm. As much as bow hunting is much more challenging than rifle hunting due to the shorter range of distance from game, it is definitely more exhilarating and you are sure to get a greater adrenaline rush with every kill.

Most deer hunting is usually done from an elevated platform a few meters above the ground. This is because of the 15-25 yard distance that bow hunters take deer. An elevated platform helps in camouflaging your smell from the animal. It’s also advisable for you to face the wind so that it carries your scent away from your prey, rather than towards it. Great skill and an ability to be move quietly are somewhat obvious factors to ensure your success when hunting white tail deer. However, a lesser known fact is that camouflage is usually unnecessary when bow hunting because whitetails have really poor eyesight and are more sensitive to movement.

Although multiple states have opened their bow hunting seasons to crossbows, it is highly advisable for beginners to use the compound bow or a crossbow. It may seem like a waste of time to go through the arduous process of learning how to use these traditional tools but there are many more advantages when you can. First of all, there are several age restrictions on the use of crossbows and this could lock out some people from a lot of fun. Additionally, you get a lot more satisfaction when taking game due to the high level of skill and patience required.

Fortunately, it doesn’t take long to become adept at bow hunting. With this skill, practice is key, especially when using the traditional equipment such as long bows. As much as some people may be naturally gifted from the beginning, it is important to develop habits that will get you to shoot well consistently. This in turn helps you if you ever get tense because you can just rely on the vital habits you formed when practicing.

Bow hunting was previously viewed as a sport that could only be enjoyed by young and strong individuals. This is because of the inability to draw or hold a steady bow that can be brought about by old age or disability. Fortunately, that is no longer the case due to the presence of adaptive equipment that can help bridge any gaps caused by these factors. In addition to this, a number of states consider old age as a disability and therefore the use of a crossbow or draw keep can be permitted, making bow hunting a sport that can be enjoyed by everyone.

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